We offer a full range of flooring and wall treatment products, each of which has particular benefits associated with them. Explore the options below:


(Solid and engineered; nailed in and click.)

Wood flooring is great because it adds value and class to your home. Properly maintained and cared for, it can last for ages. It’s also a timeless product that never goes out of style. It is the one product other lines imitate.


(Plank, tile and sheet with loose lay, glue down and lock together options.)

These are great. Planks give the hardwood look while being more cost effective and softer/more comfortable to walk on. Another great benefit is that it can hold heat longer than other flooring options.

Sheet vinyl is a nice, cost-effective way to have a seamless floor. It is usually ideal for a small bathroom or kitchen area that is exposed to a lot of liquids/water. Sheet vinyl comes in tile or wood packer format.


(Including the new water-resistant epoxy core laminate.)

The great benefit of laminate is the tough surface which makes it more scratch resistant than other flooring options. It also has a nice wood look and is cost-effective. There is an option for a water-resistant property as well.


Nothing is more comfortable to walk on than new carpet (it makes the home feel cozy!). Carpet has the greatest variety of types compared to other flooring options (carpet has six different types of carpet fibres). Also, for variety and grade, it has the most options at low, mid and high-end ranges.


(Wall tiles and flooring.)

Ceramic is cost-effective and comes in floor and wall tile options. It has a great variety of colors which makes it great for designer patterns.

Porcelain, if cared for properly, will outlast your house. It’s an amazing option for any floor or wall area in your house. It has great texture and is ideal to put over floor heating.

Glass is great for that elegant look you want to achieve for that feature wall in your bathroom or kitchen (or anywhere in your house!). It’s easy to clean and makes the room “pop”.


(Primarily for walls and fireplaces.)

Stone gives your feature wall or fireplace a timeless, classic look. If properly looked after, it is another product that can outlast your home. Stone’s ability to conduct heat will also make your fireplace a little more efficient.