Ray Findlay, founder & principal

Ray’s first experience with the construction industry occurred when he went to work with his father, a home builder, at age three. When he finished high school in 2007, he started working full time building houses.

After a few years of home construction, Ray entered university to study math but quickly realized his passion for building was much bigger than he thought. He quit school and returned to home construction.

In 2013, Ray began focussing on flooring and quickly realized how much he enjoyed working with people to find a flooring solution to meet their needs. During this period, he installed hardwood, laminate, vinyl plank and tile, carpet and sheet vinyl before transitioning to a sales role with a flooring company in 2016. In early 2019 he left the flooring company where he was employed and started Findlay’s Fine Floors.

Ray has a wide range of skills which stem from his previous construction experience. These skills, combined with his years of working in the flooring industry, helps him ensure his clients choose a floor that will be compatible with their home and their lifestyle.

In his spare time, Ray enjoys spending time with his family and playing music (guitar, bass and piano). His favorite pastime is playing music at senior residences…giving back to the people who made our lives possible.